Moclinejo is 20 km from Málaga away, between the "Cerros de Córdoba" and "Piedra Blanca" at 450 meters in the beautiful Axarquia on the hills of the Piedras Blancas and opens to the river valley of the Benagalbón. It is surrounded by olive, almond and wine.
It is one of the typical Andalusian villages. Tourism is still a foreign word here, although only 10 minutes away from the coast, it has retained its Andalusian charm.
From here you can go on wonderful mountain tours in the hinterland, whether on horseback, on foot, by bike or by car. Coming from Rincon de la Victoria, Moclinejo can be reached via a beautiful road with wonderful views. It is only 8km to the beach.
The area around Moclinejo is characterized by steep slopes and numerous gorges, like the entire area of ​​the Montes de Málaga.
The country is dry, rugged and very steep. The name probably comes from "Moclin", Arabic for "area square".
Moclinejo is located on the "Raisin Road" ("La Ruta de la Pasa") and sometimes bears the name "Gateway to the Raisin Road. Raisin, wine and grapes are the main products of the area.
Typical local dishes are "gazpachuelo" (soup with mayonnaise) and the garlic soups, known as "sopa de maimones".
Local muscatel wines and raisins complete the gastronomic delicacies Moclinejos.

The rectangular main square, where the town hall is located, is spacious and has been modernized.
Moclinejo’s history went through the same vicissitudes as Málaga and the surrounding villages. In the old city walls, the so-called castle, of which only the name is known, there was a battle cry that resulted in the defeat of the Axarquía when the Catholic Monarchs tried to conquer Málaga.
Cultivation of the raisin grape was declared a World Agricultural Heritage by the Scientific Committee of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in November 2017.