River & Beach Tour

The 6-8h River & Beach tour takes us through breathtaking landscapes.  It is almost a day tour and begins in Moclinejo, following an old cattle trail, over 500 years old, to El Borge. In El Borge we will take a short drink in the famouse restaurant "Posada del Bandolero". The tour continues over 20km in the river "El Borge" passing Almachar, Velez Malaga until the end of the river Velez in Torre del Mar at the beach. It is possible to jump in the beach at the Mediterranean Sea and cool down. Here we will take also a lunch. Then we will drive to Almayate until Macharaviaya. We will make a short stop at the village and visit the small home town of the former governor of Louisiana. Then the tour will continue back to Moclinejo.
As the rivers are almost drive the whole year, it is possible to drive higher speed here.
90% Off-Road, 10% Street
ca. 55km


6-8 hour River & Beach Buggy Tour
Price: 440 € / buggy / 2 people
Start: 11:00 a.m.
Location: our buggy base in Moclinejo
2nd driver: +30€

6-8 hour River & Beach Buggy Tour
Price: 490 € / buggy / 2 people
Start: 10:15 a.m.
Location: Malaga City or port
2nd driver: +30€