Monte de Malaga - 
perfect for a fam​​ily day trip

The Nature Park "Monte de Malaga" (mountains of Malaga) is only 5km away from Malaga.  It is part of the urban area of ​​Malaga. The mountains run parallel to the Mediterranean coast. This is a perfect location for a family day trip in nature.
In 1989 the scenic wealth of the "Monte de Malaga" was recognized as a nature park. The flora and fauna is varied and it is a paradise for birds. It covers 4,996 hectares and covers most of the Guadalmedina river basin.
The altitude varies between 100m and 1100m.  The wonderful panoramic views of the mountains around Malaga are still relatively unknown and breathtaking.
There are always new perspectives behind every mountain. You can get an impression of it on a family day trip with our buggy in nature.